live the life you imagined...

I love, love, love the first photo!
It takes me back to my summer days down the shore, which I miss so much
since it's freakin' 10 degrees out right now!

The third photo is a painting and it reminds
me Penn Station in NYC.
A girl in my art class just recently did a black + white pastel piece
just like this, and she perfectly smeared + blurred each person
to give the effect that everyone is rushing around.
It looked so good + I really wish I could hang it in my room!

I find the painting of the woman lying across the bed
to be so beautiful and graceful.
Her jawline and stomach are just amazing.

The artist's lines and use of negative space are
my favorite aspects of the sketch of a cartoon of eggs.

The smoothness of the woman's face in the wall mural
looks amazing, also!

random sources, I don't even remember!

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