26 hours and counting...

So this week may just qualify as the best week ever for me!
Here's my reasons:

1. Last Saturday, I got accepted to University of Delaware
And I just sent my deposit in 2 nights ago!! 
It's so crazy to officially know where I'm going next year...

2. Last weekend I attended my friends' concert that I have been waiting to see for so long now.
His band is called Medium Rare and you can check him out on youtube

3. Last Sunday I went into Philadelphia with my friend, grabbed some lunch, 
+ had French macaroons for my first time at Miel Patesserie!
 They tasted just as good as they look!

4. And last but certainly not least... I leave for Rome + Greece tomorrow!
Ahhhh I can't wait!!
 I just started packing + it's starting to feel like this trip is really here!
It's going to be amazing + the weather is supposed to be lovely, which is also a plus.
I can't wait to do some shopping-damage there ;)

So I think those reasons are enough to support my joyous attitude this past week!
Here's some extremely random pictures that I wanted to post before my departure!
Have a wonderful next 9 days while I'm gone exploring Europe!

Ciao bellas

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  1. oh abby
    she never ceases to amaze me
    in awee

    great blog