a taste of heaven

I hope everyone is having a summer as wonderful as mine 
as a I sit here enjoying my lovely morning, my yummy croissant, and my homemade espresso
Ah this is literally my ideal morning-- an quintessential European breakfast, a new magazine to read,
and plenty of Internet + blog surfing! 

So over the past couple of weeks, I have bought a bunch of new things that I want to share with you!
For starters, I got some new books because I love to constantly read in the summer.
On my trip to Barnes and Noble, I picked up A Vintage Affair [Isabel Wolff], The Devil Wears Prada
[Lauren Weisberger], and The Sun Also Rises [Ernest Hemingway]. 

I can't wait to start reading The Devil Wears Prada because that is my all-time favorite movie!
I also have heard a lot of great things from my friends about The Sun Also Rises
so I'm interested to see how the novel will unfold, especially because it's
the first Hemingway book I will read.

Yesterday, I also picked up some new lipsticks.
Yet instead of buying my typical MAC products, I decided to opt for something new and lovely, 
and what better than YSL!?
I purchased two shades from the Rouge Volupt√© collection: 
#7 Lingerie Pink [left] and #30 Faubourg Peach [right].
I love them already!
They're very silky + the colors are beautiful and strong.
I'd say they were worth the $34 dollars a tube, but I don't plan on using them on a daily basis
because in only a couple more months, I'm officially going to be a poor college student! :( 

Yet at least I'm a poor college student who finds great designer pieces 
at very affordable consignment shops!!
A week ago, I stopped by Greene Street Consignment's Lambertville location and as I walked in,
these adorable Prada sandals were practically waiting for me at the front of the store!
They're a size 8--I wear a 9--but they luckily fit me perfectly...and so did the price tag.
Only $62!!! How amazing is that!
I wore them to my grad party last weekend and they looked so cute, and everyone loved them!

As I was broswing ssense.com's sale a few weeks ago, 
I found this timeless black Comme des Garcons wallet that I desperately needed...
so I ordered it of course!...
And I'm so happy that I did because it is perfect!
I love how simple it is and all my necessities fit nicely inside.
Yet my favorite feature is the coin pouch-- it sits flat + opens up like a box 
so you can see the change that your grabbing!
 I think it's genius haha

Ahh these earrings!! Are they not to diiiie for!?!
Wellllll, Mommy surprised me and got them for me for my graduation!! :)
They have a little story that goes along with them... so I'll share it with you.

So on my birthday, I went into New York City with my grandmom.
She needed to pick up her ring on Jeweler's Row, so afterwards
we decided to walk around and check out the other stores as well.
I was getting antsy after a while and wanted to head down to Soho 
because everything was out of my price range...
but then I walked by the tiny window with these bad boys hanging amongst 
all the other sparkling diamonds and flamboyant stones and I knew that I had to try them on.

I went inside the Assorted Gems Corporation store [on West 47th street] and tried them on.
Yet I left empty handed and very disappointed because they're price tag was well over $1,000.

Now normally my mom is terrible at picking out gifts for me, 
and I was almost dreading opening the box at my post-graduation dinner. 
Yet when I opened the box, I was completely stunned!
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect gift!
The earrings are gorgeous in person...they're vintage and
are made with vibrant turquoise, coral, and diamond
I plan on cherishing them forever!

And last, but not least...
I bought myself the Miu Miu bow satchel as a graduation gift for myself! :)
I loove it and I'm so happy that I got it!
I especially love how I can wear it as a crossbody bag when I want to go hands free.

Well that's all for now...
I'm off to go run some errands

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  1. Oh boy! If these aren't all lovely finds, I don't know what is! Those drop earrings are gorgeous, and I can't believe you snagged those prada sandals at such a steal price! And who doesn't love their miu miu? Congratulations on your graduation. Such a fab gift to self.

    DO let me know how the Vintage Affair turns out as a read.