hello again

wow I haven't posted for so long!
Just following other blogs, as well as tumblr, has kept my free time occupied enough while at school..
College has been amazing so far though, and I love it!

My school has a fashion magazine called UDress, and I was lucky enough to 
be accepted to write 2 articles for it during my freshman fall semester!!

I'm so happy to finally have awesome experiences like this. 
The Fall 2010 issue of UDress was released last week
and the online version is already posted & ready to read on their site-
www.udressmag.com- so check it out!!
My articles (Almost Famous and Fashion Week's New Stomping Ground
can be found on pages 13 & 24 :)

Finals are coming up soon, so I'll need to start focusing on schoolwork even more,
but once my winter session begins, I'll hopefully get more posts up here!

Happy Holidays!

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