new purchases

I went to the mail today and found some cute things at Forever 21!
I normally hate shopping there because once I get home,
I hate everything I bought...
but today I was rather pleased with my purchases!

studded suedette flats, $14.80

beaded pleather vest, $27.80

striped double knit skirt, $8.50
The skirt I got in black, with white stripes

Tonight, I'm going to dinner with my dad + sister
at Steven Starr's mexican restaurant, El Vez,
in Philadelphia.
I love their food!

I'm going to wear my new striped skirt with polka dot tights,
leather moto boots, and my rather-recently purchases
electric blue Kimberly Taylor silk "Renna V-Neck" from shopbop.com!
It looks so cute!
I want to post a pic, but my camera is terrible with details,
so it does my outfit no justice! =[

I also order the plaid Mackage "Aura" Jacket from shopbop.com
at 30% off, so it should be arriving soon!
I'm so glad that I got it because it has been on
the back of my mind for months now!
I wish I came today, so I could wear it to New York City
tomorrow since it's officially FREEZING out!!
Ahh I hate the cold


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