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K' Naan-- who I saw perform in Philadelphia with Wale a few nights ago

I opened my pack of Chanel tattoos today, which I bought at the London airport.
I put my first one on today :)
I'm obsessed with it! I don't even want to shower haha
I really like how tattoos look on the forearm, 
but I'm not sure if I'm daring enough to get a real one there because it's so hard to hide. 

The cuff + jeweled cross that I purchased in Delphi.
I am in love with the large cross-- plus it was only 44€, which is even better!
I strung it on a long chain with the small cross + letter "P" pendant I already had.

I also got a few other pieces of jewelry on my trip.
I couldn't resist! 
Everything was rather cheap, yet still very authentic and rustic looking, which I love.

French Vogue, which I purchased in Rome
I still got to find some time to sit down and attempt to read it.
I just had to get it because I love the editorial that Natasha is featured in. 

On my trip, I also purchased a few pieces from Zara, a leather backpack in Greece,
 a pair of Raybans, + a vintage Gucci clutch.
I'd say I was pretty successful :)

We'll I'm off!
Bon weekend

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