the chemicals that make me fall in love

no school for seniors this week :)
so, I did a little shopping today, obviously.
and i finally found my prom dress!!
plus, I officially have a date, as of today!
I just couldn't be happier! 

So aujourd'hui, I got this huge rock ring at Love Illuminati
Love has awesome stuff + a great jewelry collection that includes pieces 
from House of Harlow--Nicole Richie's jewelry line.
Love also does beautiful photoshoots with local girls + guys. 
They have a website + blog...you can check both out here.

I also purchased a cream + black silk Helmut Lang dress at a local boutique, David Witchells
It was regularly $485, but was marked down to an incredible price of $75!
It's a classy dress with edgy details.
The open, low-cut back + the black, stretchy cotton-spandex paneling keep the dress looking young + fresh.

I couldn't resist buying it, even though I have nowhere to wear it as of right now.
It was just such a good deal. 
Witchells always has great sales...this summer I also picked up a black Alice + Olivia 
bandage skirt--that was originally $300--for only $50!

This past Sunday, I also did some shopping in New York City.
Whenever I'm there, I always have to stop by Housing Works on 17th + 7th.
I found these amazing shoes made by El Dantes + snagged them for only $45!
As of right now, I'd say that they're the coolest shoes I own.
And let me tell ya, they certainly make people's heads turn!

Sunday, I also stopped by a trendy boutique in Soho called Big Drop.
I picked up this minty green silk Dolce Vita top with lace inset on the back.
It's such a cute top!
I love interesting shirts like this one that have character and are very unique.
I also got a bright red silk t-shirt by Emille from Big Drop.

At Housing Works, I also found an adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs grey vest.
I've been looking for a cute vest that wasn't too masculine + now I finally found one that I love!

And last but not least, I purchased my first piece of Christian Dior from Housing Works for only $60!
It's a cream silk blazer with black trim + it's just adorable!
Plus it fits perfectly, so I am also very excited about that!

Well looks like I gotta run! 
I just found out I have to work tonight :(
I'll post pictures of the prom dress I got from David Witchells tomorrow!
have a lovely night

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