"I love the feeling of being anonymous in a city I've never been before"

Like I promised, here are some of my favorite photos that I took while exploring Europe, where I visited London's beautiful Heathrow airport ;), Rome, Delphi, + Athens! 

I find it quite suiting that this happens to be my 101st  post as well! 

Harrod's in the Heathrow airport
I'm lovin' that See by Chloe bag for spring!
Missoni rack at Harrod's
chocolate :)
Gucci store's display in the airport
Reiss store in the airport
most adorable jean jacket!
1st day in Rome!! (i'm on the far left)
structure outside the Colosseum
Colin, Lyle, Maggie, + I
structure at the Roman Forum
us four at the Roman Forum
(I'm rockin the Adidas by Stella McCartney jumpsuit from net-a-porter!)
Navona Square
PIazza di Spagna... the best shopping street filled with plenty of designer boutiques!
group shot
Maggie, Lindsay, + I in my favorite Rag + Bone leather paneled pants! 
Victor Emmanuel Monument, also referred to as the "birthday cake"
Trevi Fountain
mmmm delicious caprese salad! 
ceiling shot of a hallway in the Basilica of Saint Peter
Basilica of Saint Peter
Maggie, Colin,  + I
the night from hell on a grimey boat going from Italy to Delphi, Greece
Greece's beautiful shoreline!!
mountains... I did not expect Greece to be so mountainous! This shot was taken from a site dedicated to the God Apollo.
Group shot outside of a church in Athens.
Julie + I (wearing a Pencey top that I picked up from a consignment shop and an Alice + Olivia bandage skirt) 
at the Acropolis 
Grace, Dom, + I
The Parthenon
Colin, Maggie, + I... gotta love Colin's outfit haha
Lyle + I
view of Athens from the top of the hill... I love this picture! It's interesting to see how this jam-packed city still has many historic areas within it, like the hill in the center, where a church is located
Athen's flea market
there were many bead + jewelry stores...
and street vendors selling really dumb stuff
so much graffiti in Europe! Yet citizens still have boundaries and respect from churches + historic sites.
Many stray cats + dogs in Athens
Colin got his first piercing haha
Lyle + Colin skateboarding.. they created quite a crowd...
the last night in the Jeffrey Campbell 'Mary Roks' booties! 
We went to a restaurant where Greek dancers were performing during dinner. They pulled people up onstage, including me and some of my teachers! It was hilariousss
I got to dance with a gorgeous Greek guy! Then I had to finish off our dance with a kiss :)
Great way to end my trip haha

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